Great Jacket Found for Half Price! Tourmaster Jett

Last week I decided to look again for a TourMaster Jett Series II Jacket, a very comfortable, good looking jacket with some great safety/visibility features. I almost purchased this jacket months ago but after a brief travel wearing, found that it was way too hot for me on a warm sunny day. it was a shame as it was the most comfortable jacket I had tried.

Leave it to NewEnough the discount shopping store to offer me a deal I couldn’t refuse. They made the same Tourmaster Jett available in last years model (the one I preferred) at half price! Only $65 for an awesome jacket with a zip in lining that makes it warm enough for the coldest Northern CA and is water resistant to boot. It was my first time using NewEnough so I did some research and everything seemed good. It arrived quickly and the price speaks for itself! It’s too bad I don’t get paid to say any of these as I wouldn’t mind the extra cash — but definitely wanted you all to benefit from this great find.

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