2200 Mile Update

I started to have a little trouble with range and not being able to go as far as I used to. This is normal especially when using lead acid batteries. They just aren’t optimal for the high current discharge and how heavily they are used. Overall they are better suited to starting vehicles (like in your car, if you have one, or a littler one in your motorcycle). But they are cheap, can be fairly easily recycled with the ability to reuse the lead components. And they work reasonably well.

I’ve really wanted to upgrade to lithium cells but am deterred by the cost as I’m juggling a lot of things right now that don’t earn me much money. I went to Electric Motorsports where I had purchased the bike and where I’ve built up a good relationship over the years. They were kind enough to replace my batteries with a set that are a bit less used but not new, and in the process saved me some dough and helped me delay the inevitable battery upgrade. They also did some other service on the vehicle. It’s running well now, with a intermittent problem (that of course didn’t occur when they were working on the bike!) that causes the throttle to not work, generally when first starting the bike. After a minute or so it works fine like nothing happened. If it becomes more frequent I’ll bring it back but it’s manageable for now.

I still love my scooter and plan to get plenty of more use out of it! I mostly prefer it to driving our car, except that I haven’t figured out a way to transport my 7 month old boy on it without some serious safety concerns. Maybe in a few years that will change 🙂

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