Native Z6000 and Zero MX Share Same ETEK Motor, Who would have known?

In the very cool news for a Z6000 scooter owner, department, it turns out that the ETEK EMC-R motor used in the Zero MX Electric Motorcycle is identical to the one used in the Z6000, the only difference — the controller in the Zero MX is not programmable, the one in the Z6000 is and I’ve used that to my advantage to decide on my personal trade off between power and range. The other difference is that my Z6000 has a 300amp controller while the Zero has one that maxes out at 400amps. Of course with my comparably tiny battery pack — bigger would not be better.

I hear from the guys at EMS that the 2012 version of their Z6000 has an updated motor that is silky smooth and brushless. It does away with hall effect sensors and gives smoother power delivery. I’d guess it would also provide longer battery life and better range. The upgraded motors will make it into the 2012 Zero line-up.

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