Tesla Model S, It really is all that and more…

Driving Tesla Model S

I had a blast driving the Tesla Model S EV

I had the opportunity to test drive Tesla’s full size electric marvel a few weeks ago and it certainly didn’t disappoint! The car did an excellent job of delivering seemingly endless torque to the drive wheels and responded beautifully on my drive. For the most part, the car feels far smaller than it is with only subtle reminders that the laws of physics are still in place so it doesn’t hug the corners as well as a roadster might but it comes closer than one would have any right to expect!

The design of the car is even more stunning in person than in photos. Somehow it hides the fact that this vehicle is a true full size car eclipsing most SUVs in both length and width. Unfortunately, cost aside, those dimensions prevent me from even considering buying one as its too wide to fit in my garage and too long for my meager urban driveway.

If the promised future model that compares in size to the Audi A4 and BMW 3-series drives nearly this well, Tesla is sure to sell many of them and one of those will surely be to me!



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