Driving Demand: Britta Gross, Director, Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy, General Motors

Growing the market requires a focus on the vehicles. Will take time to get all dealerships up to speed on EVs.

The biggest challenge dealers have is the financial details. Consumers don’t always consider tax credits and rebates. California is an exception — there dealers can be confident and clear about what qualifies for how much.

We need to help dealers do homework and determine pricing with incentives.

GM has installed 395 workplace chargers. Provided for free to promote technology. Valuable for people who don’t have access to charging (or have 120volt only) at home.

GM has found that when targeting people and getting them to take a test drive of the Volt, then one out of three will buy a volt within several months. The key is getting people inside these vehicles.

Hard to communicate total cost of ownership to prospective buyers.

Fact is that EVs are luxurious compared to gas vehicles, quieter, better acceleration from standstill, no trips to gas station,

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