Plug-America with Jessie Knight, Jr., SDG&E

Jessie Knight, Jr.

Jessie Knight, Jr. from SD&E, speaking at Plug-in America

Jessie spoke about San Diego Gas and Electrics accomplishments and goals going forwards. First he told us about San Diego’s adoption of Electric Vehicles including 600 charging stations and over 6000 electric vehicles on the road. 80% of all charging is accomplished between 12am and 5am when there is excess capacity on the grid and rates are lowest. SDG&E has already brought significant solar PV onto the grid to use for powering EV charging stations (EVSE). As the use of solar powered renewable energy increases, and abundance of electricity will be available at the peak of sun during the day. SDG&E plans to create a variable rate structure to promote EV charging when an over abundance is present — even if it is in the middle of the day!

What he didn’t discuss is how the charging stations will know about the rate changes and turn on and off. Most home charging stations are simple and do not have such technology built in so this functionality may be a ways off. In the long term, however, I think it is an invaluable way to balance individual needs while stabilizing the grid.

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