Gotta Plug-in to Move

My wife and I have been busy looking for a new place to live. We haven’t wanted to move and only began looking because our landlord has a family member who is moving in to what has been our home. Sad as we are to leave our home we are grateful for our new and to finally have a backyard including a space to plant a garden.

The one almost deal breaker is that there is no outdoor outet to plug my scooter into. The great news is that our new landlord agreed to install a new outlet and split the cost with us! So North Oakland here we come.

1 thought on “Gotta Plug-in to Move

  1. The outlet was installed and it only cost us $175 (our landlord paid the other half), still beats having to use petroleum! We have been spoiled by not having to pay PG&E where we live now. I’m actually grateful we will have those charges separate from our rent, it makes for a greater incentive to track and converse our energy and water usage. As we aren’t to the time of use rates required for Electric Cars, the rates we will be assessed will be based on usage tiers. That makes it twice as expensive as the lowest tier would be on a time of use plan, gut given how little energy used, won’t add up to much at all.

    For an EV car user, switching to time of use and charging off peak can reduce the actual charging rate to 6 cents per kW and that is regardless of any usage tiers. Very compelling to get those discounts. Why do they offer such a big incentive? To keep people from charging at times which could put a real strain on the grid and could lead to brown outs and additional (dirty) capacity utilization. Its a win-win scenerios, unless of course your only product to sell if petroleum…..

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