Scooter Ready to Roll

I picked up my scooter a few days ago. Didn’t expect to miss it quite as much as I did. It’s all tuned up and fixed up. The fixing is in regard to cracking of the rack that I attached my big cargo case to. EMS was kind enough to find a way to attach it that would minimize the risk of the problem recurring. They also adjusted my chain, lubed it, and paintstakingly rebalanced my batteries. They also tuned the programming on my controller to make it accelerate more smoothly while extending the life and charge of my batteries. And, they tightened every connection and even adjusted my shocks.  The only charge was for the replacement rack part and that labor, the rest was covered under warranty.

It’s running well and I’m glad to have it back and am enjoying the smoother ride. Hopefully that’s the last real service for a while, at least until I upgrade to Li-Ion in a year or two!

Electric Motorsports Z6 (aka Z6000) Update

I’ve had my scooter for around half a year now and I figured it’s time to give an update. It’s been running well and has been a great way to get around. It’s costing me virtually nothing to run it and I find that I rarely use my car (something my wife is grateful for as now she gets to use it!) I have over 1,600 miles on the scooter with maintenance being limited to a bit of lubrication on the chain and a rare adjustment of the chain tension.

I finally brought it in for its 300 mile maintenance, just 1,300 miles overdue! The maintenance is rather straightforward just tightening up any loose nuts, bolts, and screws including the battery terminals. I was planning to pick it up today but the guys at EMS found that one battery was pretty far out of balance and they want to make sure they can balance them, or replace the one that is off, to avoid any performance or safety problems I might have on the road — very nice of them to be that thorough.

It’s funny, that now I dread having to use our far less convenient car in the meantime. I’ve been spoiled by the ease of getting around the area and of parking on my scooter. It makes a car seem clunky in comparison and having to buy gasoline seems so passe!


Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for the City of Berkeley

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and it’s because of how busy I’ve been! I’ve been busy working on my MBA is Sustainable Business Management at Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that one of my focuses is on electric vehicle infrastructure!

This past semester I was part of a great team that worked with the city of Berkeley to create a strategic plan for developing electric vehicle infrastructure for the city. Our first goal was to help determine how residential charging could be provided for the half of the population that doesn’t have a garage, driveway or dedicated parking space. It was humbling, as we learned how many challenges need to be addressed to do this and we focused more broadly. I have a copy of our study posted here.

Working with the city was a great experience and we learned from other cities who are working on the very same issues as well.