Scooter Ready to Roll

I picked up my scooter a few days ago. Didn’t expect to miss it quite as much as I did. It’s all tuned up and fixed up. The fixing is in regard to cracking of the rack that I attached my big cargo case to. EMS was kind enough to find a way to attach it that would minimize the risk of the problem recurring. They also adjusted my chain, lubed it, and paintstakingly rebalanced my batteries. They also tuned the programming on my controller to make it accelerate more smoothly while extending the life and charge of my batteries. And, they tightened every connection and even adjusted my shocks.  The only charge was for the replacement rack part and that labor, the rest was covered under warranty.

It’s running well and I’m glad to have it back and am enjoying the smoother ride. Hopefully that’s the last real service for a while, at least until I upgrade to Li-Ion in a year or two!

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