Riding my Electric Scooter in the Rain through Oakland

We have been having some early rain this year, thanks in all likeliness to global climate change. Good for the trees and plants and our water supply which I believe is quite abundant these days. Not so good for folks like me who are getting around on two wheel vehicles!

I’ve been getting by with my rain paints, treated boots, waterproof gloves and water resistant motorcycle jacket. The roads are a bit slick but riding carefully and a bit slower has made it pretty reasonable. As the quote says, there is “No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Unfortunately I don’t know who to attribute that to.

It’s actually been easier to get around then I would have expected and I’ve stayed reasonable dry (when prepared). Still, I would do well to get one of those single piece rain jumpsuits that goes on over street clothes and some even have a collar that fits up in the back of the helmet to keep your neck dry.

Still when I ride through the rain, I can’t help but think of the Billy Joel sang in which he referred to being crazy exemplified by his willingness to “ride his motorcycle in the rain.”

As for the posts I’ve read about people afraid to ride their electric two wheel vehicles in the rain because of the potential for electrical problems — mine seems to work just fine. In my Native Z6000 all the components are weather protected and that must be making the difference.

All said, I’m very glad to have some sun today and will be heading out on a ride soon to run some errands and enjoy the fresh air!

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