Electric Motorsport Z6000 AKA Z6 Quality and Service Problems

I new that I was taking a risk purchasing my scooter from a small local business that was importing from overseas. Still I felt better about purchasing from a local business that was at least doing final assembly in the United States and I felt a good connection with the CEO, TK. The fact that I could drive the scooter home from the shop rather than having it shipped was a big plus as well.

Unfortunately, while the scooter in many ways has been great, in others it’s been a bit of a headache. The biggest problem I’m running into now is interrmittant making it hard to diagnose. Sometimes, without warning, the motor simply fails to respond and I find myself without any power at all. At a minimum this is frustrating and inconvenient, at worst its downright dangerous. Sometimes I’ve riding along at 40mph with traffic on all sides, rapidly slowing isn’t comforting.

I’ve already brought my scooter in and EMS failed to find the cause of the problem. The problem hadn’t recurred for a while until the cooler and wetter weather of autumn arrived and now it can happen several times in a short ride.

I’ve also had some headaches when trying to change the brake light and turn signals. The assembly for the turn signals is poorly and cheaply designed. Pushing a new light into the socket caused the socket to sink into the body of the scooter. Ultimately, I needed to carefully hold the socket in place with needle nosed pliers while gently placing the replacement bulb into it. This was tedious and more of an art than a science. Also, unlike most scooters sold in the United States, the turn signals are not mounted on a stalk making them more visible but are flush with the rear of the scooter. I’m not sure if this is really DOT compliant but it’s definitely not as safe or easy to service.

The range of my scooter has deteriorated over the 18 months or so that I’ve been riding it and I have been considering spending the big bucks to upgrade to lithium ion (LiPo) batteries. It’s hard however to commit more funds to this with such more reliability. I’ve written to Todd to try to address this issue and if the problems can be addressed will go forward with the upgrade.

I’ll keep you all posted!

1 thought on “Electric Motorsport Z6000 AKA Z6 Quality and Service Problems

  1. A couple of weeks after I posted this, I decided to try again, called Electric Motorsport and got TK on the phone. We was really helpful, was confident he could have the problem resolved and asked me to bring it in.

    I brought it in and within seconds he had figured out the problem was likely due to a faulty kickstand safety switch (the one that disengages the throttle when the kickstand is down). He grabbed one, charging me a scant amount for the item and did the installation himself for free. I’m far out of any warranty so this was really great service!

    Now, close a month later, I can say with confidence that the problem has been resolved making me one happy camper who is learning once again to be patient.

    Sure, there are limitations on the quality with any asian imported scooter but none has the performance level I can achieve with my Z6 and to get something more reliable with higher quality I’d have to fork up the big bucks for the lower end Vectrix VX-2 which takes much longer to charge (5 hours vs less than 4 for my Z6000) and can only muster a wimpy 30mph in comparison to the 43mph that I can attain my scooter.

    I’m happy with my decision, even with the occasional headache.

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