New Tax Breaks for 2 and 3 Wheeled Vehicles including Electric Scooters, Motorcycles and eBikes.

By now most of us have heard about how the “Fiscal Cliff” was addressed in a new tax deal that raises some taxes and maintains some previous incentives.

The big news is that the minimum requirement is a 2.5kw battery back down from 4kw which makes this available to many more buyers. The incentive is 10% of cost up to a max of $2,500.

Unfortunately, the Electric Motorsports Native Z6000 falls a bit short of that. Finding a way to squeeze 60ah cells into its compact body would solve that problem and give an almost 50% range boost as well. The bigger capacity cells are similar in size but 4 inches taller which presents a big challenge. But the extra cost would be negligible after the rebate!

Read more about the new tax incentives for evs and other green purposes here.

Update on the Native Z6000 now 4000 Miles driven.

I’ve now been driving my Z6000 for over two years. It’s still a great way to get around town but has had its share of problems. One brake fluid reservoir corroded and had to be replaced. I’ve had one tire replaced — the stock tires are sticky which results in great performance and not so great tread life.

I also had the seat replaced which wasn’t expensive but really didn’t last long in part because it was parked outside for extended periods. Some of the plastic cracked when they were servicing it and they replaced it (EMS) without charging me for what was quite a bit of labor.

In summary, I like the scooter but it’s been a bit of a headache to keep up with the issues that have arisen.